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I Will try to keep this updated as Promotions come and go.  If I miss any and you know of any please let me know and I will research it and add it.

Promotions come in many forms, and I cannot list them all , but what I will list is mostly point earning promotions, for example, bonus points, etc.  This is a great way to rack up alot of points as I have.  Many companies let you stack promos, which means if you stay at a hotel and the stay and details fit more than one promotion , you can earn all the promotions.



SPG usually has some very good promotions, although this year they seem to have slowed down a bit. Like I mentioned before, SPG allows you , most of the time to stack promotions.  You can always check your SPG Dashboard or their offers page for surprise or targeted promotions.

  1. SPG More for you.  This promo allows you to earn Double or Triple Starpoints for stays of 2 nights or more!
  2. Unlock Limitless Earnings.  This promotion allows you to earn 1000 starpoints on your first stay at a Le Meridien and 2,000 for each one after.  It IS stack-able with the More for you promo. These bonus points wont be doubled or tripled but you will earn them on top of double or triple starpoints if you stay 2 nights or more at a Le Meriden.
  3. Select Member Exclusive.  This offer varies by person.  put in your SPG number and see if you have an offer or not, and what it will be.  Usually these stack with other offers.
  4. Buy Starpoints up to 50% off.  I’ve never bought starpoints myself, and most of the time, its not the best of idea, but this seems to be a pretty good deal and probably the cheapest offer to buy starpoints.  if you have a big stay coming up this is a way to top off.  But, keep in mind, check the cash price of the hotel you want to stay as well as how many SPG points, and the cost to buy those SPG points.  Obviously if its a better deal to pay cash, pay cash, and vice-versa.
  5. SPG LifeMiles Double points. This promo also gives you double starpoints , but in Latin America on stays of 2 nights or more.  You need to sign up for Avianca’s Lifemiles program, and it say that this offer cannot be combined with others, but I feel like it will probably stack also..  Just in my experience.  So if your staying in South America at a Le Meridien for 2 nights on a weekend, you could potentially earn bonus’s from #s 1,2 and 3 along with this one.  Keep in mind, bonus points are NEVER doubles, even if your stacking more than one double promo, so only base points will be doubled for each promo.
  6. More Brands Bigger Bonus. This promo is accessible on the SPG Dashboard.  its simple, stay 5 nights , get 500 starpoints, but if you stay at all 11 brands, you get 11,000 starpoints.


Hilton has some good promos from time to time.  Hilton usually has a double points rate you can select when booking a room, that costs more, but most of the time it may be worth it point wise, and then if you register for promos you get even more points.

  1. Double up or Triple up. This is a pretty good promotion from Hilton.  If you book through their website you get double points, if you book through the app, you get triple points.
  2. Make Travel Easier.  With this promotion you earn 5000 points if you register, then book through the Hilton app and pay with a Visa card.  This is a no brainer!

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